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Speed Dreams is an open-source racing game based on the classic TORCS, but with substantial improvements such as new cars, vehicles, and better artificial intelligence, all of which make an awesome experience for casual gamers.

The first thing to keep in mind about Speed Dreams is that the game can be played using all kinds of devices: keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 controller, wheel and pedals, and even a joystick. Probably the best option among these is the wheel and pedals, which lend it the best sense of realism.

Speed Dreams includes various playing modes that enable you to compete in dozens of different tracks with all kinds of cars. Now, probably the most fun mode is the classic 'Career Mode' (as in professional career), where you can take different challenges along a racing season, giving you the ability to compete with many different vehicles along the changing seasons of the year.

Like with TORCS, in Speed Dreams you'll have a powerful artificial intelligence to compete against, and it won't hesitate to make life difficult for you. The difference is that in this game, some of the tactics used by your opponents are pretty advanced and, well, genius - so watch out if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

Speed Dreams is a racing game with good graphics and fun gameplay - and did we mention it's totally free? It also allows you to play split-screen so that two players can participate on the same computer at the same time.
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